There are a total of 30 video trumpet lessons available online grouped into three levels. These three levels of trumpet and music lessons will take you from the beginning steps to being able to tackle the famed Intermediate Level Arban Method. Each unit has 10 weekly lessons. There maybe a few bonus lessons to add to your general knowledge that you will find useful. The video lessons are optimized for Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome. Lessons can also be viewed on your iPad. 

What's Included? Each level includes 90 Days of Unlimited Access to the level subscribed to, The Belwin Method Book, One 20 Minute Consultation for each subscriber via Skype or FaceTime with Robert Karon and support to answer any question about website use or access. Each level is only $45.00 for the entire three month period! Ready? To get started click on the image for the level you would like to subscribe to.   

In Level One, posture, formation of the embouchure (lips) and how to obtain a proper sound are the essential fundamentals covered in this initial unit. You will learn to play louder and softer, slur up and down, and articulate with a clear tone. Musically you will go from simple whole notes to eighth note patterns and learn to play by ear. Once you subscribe, The Belwin Method Book for Level One will be sent via e-mail once you subscribe.



Level Two is a continuation of the first unit. Now that your "emboucher" is getting stronger, you will be playing higher and longer phrases. You will be introduced to more complex musical concepts of time signatures, intervals, and phrasing. Now you will be involved with sixteenth note patterns and will be learning the basics of transposition. Once you subscribe, The Belwin Method Book for Level Two will be sent via e-mail once you subscribe.



In Level Three your range is developing to well above the staff. You will learn to play scales and chords as well as read syncopated rhythms. Musical decorations, embellishments, will add to your musical expression. Double and triple tonguing will be introduced so you will be ready to start work in the famous Arban book. Intermediate lessons will be developed using various methods following these beginning units.  The Belwin Method Book for Level Three will be sent via e-mail once you subscribe.

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